Terms & Conditions:

1. A security deposit equal to 10% of the total charges is required on the day/date of booking. This deposit is nonrefundable and is required to reserve the scheduled time slot.

2. Full balance must be paid 10 days before the scheduled time of the event. TAC reserves the right to cancel the event if the balance is not paid.

3. No cooking (Gas or Propane operated) equipment or cooking food allowed inside the building or party room. Prior arrangement needed to use BBQ or any other grills can be used outside parking lot behind the building
4. Firearms are prohibited on the premises. All violators will be removed and reported to local law enforcement.

5. The use of all illegal drugs are Prohibited.  All violators will be removed and reported to local law enforcement.

6. Talents Athletic Center is a Smoke Free facility. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises.

7. Outside Alcohol is not permitted. Guests can purchase Beer & Wine sold by TAC.

8. Exits, Corridors and Hallways must be free of obstructions. Exit Doors cannot be locked.

9. Guests are not allowed to use the indoor soccer field without prior agreement with TAC.

10. The renter or event organizer is responsible to monitoring children running around the facility and the use of bounce houses.
11. Renter or event organizer assumes full responsibility for any damage incurred to any TAC property during the hours of the setup and scheduled event.

 12. Renters and event organizers shall hold harmless TAC and its staff members from any injuries or damage to property of any of the guests during their schedule event.
13. There will be a $150 additional charge for every extra hour more than the scheduled hours agreed.

14. Additional charges will be assessed for excess cleaning or damages to any TAC property during the event.